A Canine Meets A Feline For The First Time. What Happens Next Will Leave You With Emotion!

Some people are stuck with the opinion that a dog and a cat can’t see eye to eye. They argue that these two mammals are born to fight each other, and that they can never be friends or even “shake hands,” leave alone smile at each other. Turns out, they’re wrong!

Here’s a great video capturing a special moment when a Golden Retriever gets to meet a feline for the first time.

What the little canine does to prove his affection for his friend is heartwarming. Watch as he kisses and hugs his little new buddy in a tight embrace. You must love this!

Every pet owner prays for such a great bond between their pets, and this one between this feline and canine breaks the records of success. The owner must be feeling really good about this!

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