A Dog Is Locked Up In A Car During A Hot Day, Then He Shows Up…

During a music festival event, and on a day that was scalding, there was a dog that was locked in the car. Thinking of doing the right thing, the announcer at the music festival made an announcement that anyone who had locked his dog in the car should let it out. After a few minutes of waiting and with no person showing up to take responsibility, all the people there gathered together to find a solution and help the dog.

An individual who thought of the best about the dog decided to break the windows of the car so as to help it out. The good Samaritan hit the window with stones and after a few minutes, it was broken, and the dog rescued.

The owner of the dog who was nowhere to be seen when the window was broken, showed up 50 minutes later to find the window of his car broken and the dog rescued. With a lot of excitement, she plays around with her dog.

You MUST watch this amazing video clip and SHARE it widely with your friends so as to help them to know how to care for animals and not to lock them up on a hot day like in the video.

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