A Prison Takes In Abused Dogs And Matches Them With Inmates, The Results Will Touch You!

Within the Colorado state, there are some prisons which willingly take in shelter dogs that have been abandoned, starved and/or beaten. Once they have been taken it, the inmates are given the responsibility of making the dogs adoptable within a time span of two months. The program has made even those inmates who were considered to be the toughest to end up being tender-hearted.

For an inmate to qualify for the program, remaining “trouble-free” for up to 6 months is necessary. That means convicts are turned into dog trainers and so far around 60 dogs have passed through the program.

Cynthia is one of the program’s participants. She is serving a life sentence for convicted murder. She has found friendship in the canines and one can be seen sleeping in her cell and it makes her feel the maternal sense, a feeling which she never felt before. By being around the dogs, she has learnt what it means to love and care – something she never appreciated while on the streets. One former inmate has attributes the success of his loving family to the 4 years he spend in prison caring for the dogs.

The program brings a win-win scenario for both the inmates and the dogs. Do you think the same should be implemented in other prison? Please let us know and SHARE this incredible program with your Facebook friends!

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