A Russian Farmer Rescued Four Kittens But Reserve Staff Confirm That They Are Not Ordinary Cats …

One Russian farmer was strolling on his farm when he came across four little kittens. Since he never knew what they would be in need of, the contacted Daursky Nature Reserve. What he never knew was that his life was about to change completely.

When he found the four kittens on his property, they had not even opened their eyes. This meant that they urgently needed some help or else they die.


He immediately contacted Daursky Nature Reserve, who were able to identify the creatures as Pallas’s cats, who also are called manuls. This rare species is found commonly in Central Asia.


This species attains the size of a normal cat, but the difference is big.  They tend to have a stout body, short legs and thick fur to enable them survive in cold climates. They also have flat ears and wide faces.


They tried putting them under two domestic cats so as to receive care. Good news is that they were accepted by the cats and the kitten began growing up. This made the reserve workers to love them!


The four kittens did well at the reserve, but the staff knew that the heartbreaking moment was near, when they will bid them goodbye, as they will have to be released to the wild, which is their natural habitat.


Upon being released to the wild, their first winter made them lose some weight. They too lost their radio collars which was used to track them for a progress report.


This made the reserve staff to accept them back again during the remaining part of the winter. They later were released when spring came so that they would have enough time to adjust.


Their release this time was perfect as they adapted well to the wild.


Currently, they live in the wild and are doing great.


Because of the reserve staff and the two cats, these Manuls were able to survive.

The video below is of a Pallas cat in action. Aren’t these cat adorable?

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