A Trapped Deer Is Rescued From The Mud By 2 Good Men. Watch The Risk!

Two guys were in the woods when they spotted a young deer stuck in the mud.  Only its upper body was showing. They approached it even though they could see that it was scared, it just stayed glued to the same spot. The mud was deep from what they could tell and pretty thick too. If you have been into such kind of mud, especially those found in wet lands, then you know how sticky and difficult it can be to walk in it, let alone sinking in it. They tried pulling it out while standing on the sides of the mud, but they found that was not working.

That is when they remembered they had a rope. They got it from their truck and found a way to tie it around the deer body. After what looked like a day’s work, they managed to pull it out. Of course as soon as it was free, it ran off as fast as it could. It must obviously have felt grateful in its heart. We cannot blame it for not pausing to say thank you, after all, since it was born, it must has known humans will most likely kill you than rub your back.

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