A Wild Horse Is Rescued, Its Way Of Thanking The Rescuer Stole My Heart!

In a country called Romania, people are fond of capturing wild horses and chaining them in one of their leg so as not to escape.

The clip below features one of the wild horses in Letea, Romania. The horse had his front legs chained which prevented him from walking properly. Luckily, a veterinarian by the name of Ovidiu Rosu came to his rescue by freeing him from the chains.  When the video was uploaded on YouTube, it received numerous views and shares. One commenter said that if the vet had not freed the horse from the chains, it would easily be tripped and fall down and if it fails to stand up on his feet then surely it can die. The commenter continued saying that he hoped people would learn the negative side of chaining horses.

In the video, when the horse is freed, he realizes that he can jump and run again without any difficulty. To show his gratitude, the wild horse approaches the vet and nuzzles his huge head on his face.

FOUR PAWS is a nonprofit organization that has a mission of rescuing animals who have been mistreated for various reasons like scientific research, entertainment and many others.

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