All This Homeless Dog With Cancer Needed Was Some Love. Did He Get It? Watch!

A dog was facing his certain death on the streets of Romania, but that’s before the guys from Howl Of A Dog spotted and saved him. Was it not for these people, Buddy would’ve been long dead by now.

However, even after the rescue, his struggles didn’t just end. A medical checkup determined that Buddy had cancerous tumor lodged in his spleen. But since it was still in its early stages, they figured they could still save the dog by performing a full splenectomy on him, and so they did. The dog was saved!

They vaccinated the dog, neutered and also micro-chipped him, all ready for a forever home. Buddy loves to take walks, and he’s looking forward to finding his forever home and getting the chance to live with people would shower him with unconditional love.

Although the rescuers don’t know if he had a home before, everyone is optimistic that Buddy will soon get adopted by the best human ever.

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