Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish Demands A Massage From His Owner. So Interesting!!

Apart from the dog and the cat being the most popular pets that man owns, there are other pets which are also equally competing. For instance, the birds and the fish too fall under this category. The main difference with these other pets is that they have their confined places whereby they can’t go beyond them, whereas cats and dogs are left freely to wander in the house.

I used to think that fish never had sentiments. The way the fish swim and their eyes that have no color which seem to be dead are some of the things that convinced me of them being barren of emotions. That was until I saw this video that proved me wrong.

In this video, we see the owner submerging his hand in the pond and the pet fish comes in his hands to be massaged. This is so similar to the way a cat is caressed in the belly!

The owner commented at the videos description that this pet fish is the best that they ever possessed because he likes playing like a dog. He waits at the corner of the pond for them to come home from work and demand his massage. He went forward to declare his love for the fish! Kindly SHARE this lovely moment!

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