Camera Records Newborn Moose Playing With A Sprinkler. What A Lovely Sight!

If there is one thing that I love the most is looking at nature. God must have had a plan when he created the animals; whether domestic or wild. For sure, we cannot live without them in our lives. The best place to watch nature can be in the countryside, where wild animals do move freely without any interruption.

In the clip below, you are about to see an example of how interesting nature can be when one decides to have some view. We meet a family which probably lives in the countryside. For a while, they had been seeing a mother moose and her baby taking a stroll in their compound. So, they decided to record them and post it on social media for others to see.

After one of the member set the sprinkler outside, he rushed inside where the others were positioned so as to see what happens. It never took much time before the expected visitors arrived. The baby moose rushed to where the sprinkler was and started playing with it. You can see as he runs up and down, but the best part is when he slides and falls down. OMG, I can’t help laughing.

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