Cockatoo Farts And Flees The Scene – This Cracked My Ribs!

Four-legged animals are most of the time seen as the only pets man can keep. This is because they are common in many homes. I must say that it is what I used to believe since I never saw any two-legged creature around our house except mom and dad. But birds are also the cutest, but hilarious animals you can ever come across.

We have come across stories on the internet of birds who are capable of many amazing things, and at the same time seen birds that make friends with dogs and those that sing like their master when he leaves. Well, the cockatoo in the video is more than just that.

This cockatoo is not just funny, but just like me, I’m sure you will not stop laughing after watching this clip. This parrot drops a fart, and if you thought cockatoo does not know what he has just done, then you are wrong. The cockatoo does not hang around after doing that; he then moves away quickly. Maybe he knows he won’t like the smell.

This is funny!

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