Curiosity Makes One Kitten Approach A Peacock, Then… I Just Can’t Believe This!

Of all the animals known to be very curious, the cat tops the list. It is said that the curiosity in them is inborn. This character in them allows them to venture into places and do things that you will wonder why they decide to do them. Looking at cats in general, the kittens tend to be more curious that the older ones, due to the fact that many things surrounding them seem to be new. In the clip below, we happen to meet a little kitten and a peacock. The kitten seems to be courageous enough to near the peacock, just to play with his feathers.

The peacock named Henry, was on a routine spread of his feathers so that people would appreciate their beauty when this little kitten got curious instead of acknowledging the beauty of the feathers. When the kitten approached the peacock and tried to get hold of one of the feathers, Henry wasn’t happy at all. In response, Henry tried all he could do, including tapping his feet and shaking his wings in an attempt to frighten the kitten.

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