Cyclist Has A Really Lovely Encounter With Moose. You Can’t Miss It!

Ever encountered some wild animals on the way? Well, this guy did, and the whole thing was awesome!

So we’ve this guy cycling in Gevingasen, Norway. It’s in a highway, with a clear path for pedestrians and cyclists set apart from the main lane used by vehicles. The cool guy is cycling uphill, and then he runs into these two cute beings trotting lazily downhill. What happens next is something you must want to witness!

When he sees the two moose, the man stops and keeps his calm. One rule to keep in such a situation is not to rattle the animals. Moose have been known to be some very cool creatures, but they can get violent if rattled. Well, in this case, the man is all nice and cool, so the two animals have no reason to sense any danger.

So they walk along, passing him as he watches from the other side of the railing. The moose even get so curious as to want to sniff around his bike. From the look of it, there seems to be a very effective atmosphere of trust between the man and the wild beings.

Luckily for us, someone was capturing the whole thing on camera. Check out the clip here and love it. SHARE!

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