Dog Plays Around With A Little Kid. No, It’s Not A Dog!

A kid is having a stroll with her dad when they happen to bump into this cute little canine that’s so good at playing. The dog is moving in so cool moves that impresses this little girl. She clearly loves this animal right from the start.

But there’s someone standing, towering above this nice dog. This man seems like he’s somehow controlling this cute animal that’s already getting attached to the little girl. Well, this dog is actually a marionette!

Marionettes can be really impressive, especially if the person controlling them has perfected the art. Now, Hugo Daniel Lobo is an Argentine and a smart guy. Hugo can work a marionette in a way that makes it assume a life of its own. Just see how this dog is doing and you’ll get the point. He’s controlling it!

In the video, Hugo is doing some really cool stuff with his marionette, and he’s doing so well that people are gathering around just to witness this. Just see how that kid is impressed. It’s awesome!

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