Dog Reacts Funnily When His Owner Catches Him Looking At His Food – A Must Watch!

It is not a secret to anybody that dogs love food, more especially when the food is meat. They can practically indulge in any activity to have it in their bellies.

In the clip below, we meet a dog that happened to spot an eye attracting food that his owner was eating while resting on the couch.

It was the owner named Anthony Jones who uploaded the clip for everyone to see the adorable relation they had with his dog. While busy munching his food on the sofa, the dog never turned his face elsewhere but kept staring at the delicious lunch.

The dog kept on looking at the way his owner opened his mouth to take mouthful bites of the lunch. But it seems that the dog was conscious of the fact that the owner had noticed how interested he was on the food because when the owner takes a glance the dog’s direction, the dog also looks away from the food.

The interesting part of all is the comments people left when they watched the clip. Some said that the owner must have been denying the dog food thus the reason why he kept staring at the lunch. Others said that the solution was to contact PETA urgently to intervene.

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