Dog Tries To Get Food, Now Look At The Reaction Of The Twin Babies, Hilarious!

Have you ever known that laughing is very important? It has been proven that laughter makes you live longer and never gives chance for stress to empower you. Mayo Clinic released a report which showed that laughter is able to cue some sickness.

Personally, I manage to wash away any stress when I hear a baby giggling. This is my number one medicine when it comes to making myself happy. In the clip below, we are fortunate to see twin babies laughing at what their pet dog by the name of Pomeranian is doing. No matter what, by looking at this clip, you will certainly laugh when you hear the lovely giggles of these twin babies.

What makes them laugh is that the dog tries to get some food that their mother is giving it to him, while sitting beside the swimming pool. At first their mother never wants to laugh, but then she is forced to due to the continuous laughter of the kids.

Watch the clip below to see these funny babies laughing in the most amazing manner. Even the stone faced person will not make it in resisting a smile when he see this clip. Please SHARE this funny clip with all your friends and family on Facebook so as that they can also have their fair share of laughter too!

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