Dogs Refuse To Stay Behind Their Sick Owner.. Jump In Ambulance And Ride To Hospital With Him

Whoever said that the dog is man’s best friend was truthful to the core. We’ve come across so many stories and videos to prove it. Now this is another story that’ll touch your very core and make you love the canines even more. It’s just awesome!

It’s about this man from Chimbote, Peru. One day, the man had an accident. He fell and hit his head severely. He had to be rushed to the ER in an ambulance. The man has 2 dogs, and what they did on this occasion has had everyone falling in love with them!

When he was carried into the ambulance, the dogs jumped in and guarded him, checking every other time to make sure he was okay. At the hospital, they would jump onto his bed and give him hugs and kisses. What’s better than that?!

This is a clear manifestation of unconditional love. Check out the full video and be sure to SHARE with all your buddies on Facebook. Drop a comment too!

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