Ever Seen A Dog Communicate With Its Owner Using Sign Language? Get Ready For This Shock!

Meet Neeva, a little girl of 4 years. It is unfortunate that she was born deaf. Since her mum Chelsea Goff, knew of it, she went to look for a helper dog at Animal Humane, a sanctuary found in New Mexico.

Chelsea Goff selected a dog by the name of Baxter, who is cross breed. The two became very close friends more that her mother could have imagined.

Chelsea confessed that there were animals who could fit well in her family of which Baxter has proven to be one of them. She said that what made her buy Baxter was the love at the first sight, but he has proven to be worth the cost.

She said that the surprising thing of all that makes Baxter an extra ordinary dog is that when Neeva communicates with him using the sign language, he understands well.

Chelsea said that they found out that Neeva was deaf upon being born, and that have since been using a sign language to communicate with her, and that she also communicates with all other animals using it.

She was lucky to find a dog that would become her daughter’s best friend. Baxter would spend all the time with her – even when she is sleeping, he would be by her side.

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