Every Time When There Is No Mail, The Mailman Has This For Pippa The Dog, Heartwarming!

One dog named Pippa seems to have found a good friend who shows up from time to time. The friend is none other than the mailman. Each time he shows up to deliver some mails, the dog is there to welcome him and grabs the mails and takes them into the house; no wonder he refers him as a “mail-grabber.”

Handing the family’s mails to the dog is something that Martin Studer (the mailman) always looks forward to. But when he has no mail to deliver, he does this…


Studer says he has to improvise something.


That means Pippa never misses a mail to deliver to the family and that means she always has a reason to wait for the mailman on a daily basis. 


We have to appreciate this mailman’s efforts to do everything to make sure the dog is happy even when the family has no mails. It always great to watch when our pets find a reason to be happy and thus those who make them happy like this mailman should be given credit.

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