Fate Brought Them Together, What They Have Gone Through Made Me Cry!

Just weeks separated the rescue of Sammie and Simon who were living in two different shelters within South Carolina. The two dogs had endured deplorable conditions in the past, so the rescue meant a lot to them. It is understandable why they stood for each other in such a special way.

One-year-old Simon, a Border Collie lifts his paw and comforts his friend Sammie who is on the operating table.

















4-months-old Sammie was seriously abused. A car dragged him, was spray painted and at the same time shot.


Finding each other meant a lot to the two. All they needed was peace and comfort after all they had experienced.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was responsible for the change that was happening in their lives. They were taken out of the shelter and given the much needed treatment thanks to the organization.


Though the shooting will cost Sammie’s life, they will survive once they go through extensive surgeries.


Sammie and Simon don’t want to be separated. From the look of things, they understand they are experiencing similar situations and they have to be near each other to see it through.

Fate must have brought Simon and Sammie together and it actually did so at the right time. Don’t you think Sammie needs a guardian angel like Simon? Once they recover, getting their forever homes will be the next thing to follow.

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