Fish Enjoy A Surrounding Pond View When They Swim Into An Anti-Gravity Tank

Imagine a life whereby you are restricted to move to a place where you want, other than being confined in the house like a prisoner. Definitely, you won’t wish to undergo such a life. I guess this is what the pond fish too seem to think. When they are put in a small pond, they get stressed as they are in the same small place 24 hours a day.

After thinking that the pond fish had a boring life, TCHelmut decided to give his pond fish an interesting life. To attain this, he constructed an “anti-gravity aquarium,” at his koi pond. The purpose of the aquarium was for the fish to go inside and get to have a view of the garden which surrounds the pond.

Certainly, the fish seem to be enjoying the view as a large number of then swim in the “anti-gravity aquarium” to have a look outside, rather than the rocks and weeds they see in the pond.

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