Gigantic Dog Sees Tiny Kittens And Wishes To Play With Them. But Who Expected This…

We do have friends, right? But do they get silly at times? Unlike animals, human beings are said to be sensible may be because of how they handle their matters. But they can also act crazy sometimes. Perhaps that is how all creatures are.

Dogs are our great companions, and at times they can be foolish. Sometimes it is interesting to see how they do not seem to know about their size. A small Chihuahua can attempt to take on a rival that is larger than it. A gigantic Great Dane that cannot even fit on a sofa can act like a lapdog. The pooch in the video below is not different.

In the video, we see one Great Dane that thinks that he is one of the kittens. The dog which is already gigantic has not reached the full size when compared with the kittens. However, this is not a big issue for the dog. He tries as much as he can to be one of them. In the meantime, the kittens appear to be frightened and confused as well on why the huge dog is not leaving them.

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