Have You Seen A Pug Warming Up For Some Bedtime? Well, This Is It With Doug!

If cuteness hasn’t yet got your heart melting, the time is nigh!

Have you heard about Doug The Pug? Well, Doug is one cute animal that has generated a lot of vibe on the internet for a year now. In fact, this dog now has its own pages on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and with quite a good number of both subscribers and followers!

Needless to say, Doug’s videos have become a sensation, stealing the hearts of many a people. Doug knows just how to get you smiling, whether it’s about him doing his thing on a skateboard, warming up for Halloween or even having a nice playful moment with his imaginary balloon buddy.

And Doug isn’t done yet!

The animal’s owner is now back with a clip of him getting all set for bedtime, and it’s bound to warm your heart! The cutie has an especially interesting routine. See him cuddling some stuffed pug of his while in his sleeping pajamas! When Doug looks into the camera, you just fall in love!

The great scene is when you watch him tucked in and with “his pug.” It’s so incredible looking like a real human on the bed!

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