He Aims A Finger And Shouts “Bang!” Now Watch The Canine’s Reaction. You Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Before!

Some pets can really act, but some can act more perfectly than most. The case in point is this cool pet that knows how to die a good, convincing death. And of course his owner has to shoot for him to die. This whole thing is just so heart-warming and thrilling that I had to keep replaying this video a few times over.

So we have a lovely dog pet, and then we have a cool, smart owner who knows how to train a best friend-animal. The two have a secret trick that could impress the meanest guy on the street. You see, dying when you’re still alive is quite an art, and this canine has mastered that!

All the human has to do is just point a finger and shout the “keyword,” and the canine will take it from there, delivering a most perfect “death performance” you’ll ever hope to see from a dog. He looks very dead!

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