He Died In Combat, And Then This Is What His Girlfriend Did To His Puppy. I’m Speechless!

Losing someone you love is devastating. But then again, having something to remember your deceased loved one by is just priceless. It makes everything much better.

That’s why Brittney Murray petitioned the US Army to bring the one dog her boyfriend loved to her to at least see him through the animal. Justin Rollins had launched his military career as an Army Ranger. While still serving, he made up with his high school girlfriend, Murray, with whom he enjoyed a very loving relationship. Later, Rollins was deployed to Iraq.

One day, his unit came across a litter of puppies, and they recued them. Rollins loved one of the puppies, and he often spent his time cuddling it. One day he spent time with the cute puppy, but he didn’t live through that night. The good soldier was killed in combat that night.

His loving sweetheart, after realizing how much her boyfriend loved the puppy, requested the authorities to bring her the animal to live with the family in the US.

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