He Gets A Bath Once A Week, But There’s Something Different About Him. Awesome!

If you happen to own a pet, especially a dog, then you know how much of a war you’ve to ramp up every time you want to bath the pet. Most dogs will scream about it and even ran for the exit the minute they realize you’re planning to get the dirt off them. But that doesn’t really mean that every canine is like that. In fact, you might be surprised to notice that some dogs actually love the bathing session!

So here we have Basil, a Great Dane that’s beautiful in every respect, and then we have the owner. Now, this owner has settled on a good routine of having Basil take a bath once every week. Unlike most of the dogs, this one loves bating. You should see him do it. In fact, he gets into the tab all by himself and with no pushing at all!

This is so lovely. You really need to see this, so please go ahead and click on this lovely video and watch what happens when the owner announces it is bath time for Basil. Be sure to SHARE it on Facebook. Wow!

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