He Is Disabled And Lonely, What The Pit Bull Does? Priceless!

Bonsai the bulldog has a number of disabilities but that has not prevented him from thriving. He has sacrocaudal dysgenesis as well as caudal regression, and it’s believed he also has a bit of spina bifida.

After his rear legs were subjected to bilateral amputation, he was taken in by Friends Of Emma as a resident for him to heal. It was when at the facility that he became a good friend of one Pit bull known as Ransom. This Pit bull had been rescued when he was 5 weeks old after someone had thrown him away somewhere in Houston, TX. Ransom had short tendons from birth.

At the moment, Bonsai has fully healed and his caretakers normally allow him to enjoy out in the sun. Whenever he wants to play, he is put into a pet life jacket. With Ransom, Bonsai has a swim coach and personal lifeguard who is more than ready to help.

In the clip below, we see Bonsai in the swimming pool alone and after some time he is joined by his adorable buddy.

They enjoy each other’s company and the fun they are having can justify that.

With this, I hope you have learnt that Pit bulls can be loyal and great family dogs if raised in the right manner.

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