He Thought That Kicking The Dog Was An Achievement, But Never Expected This To Happen To Him. I’m So Glad It Happened!

There are some people who never have feelings for animals like this man who the camera caught abusing a dog, but luckily he was taught a good lesson to never do the same.

In the clip, we clearly see a man who gets into one of the internet Café and goes ahead to kick a dog that was there probably looking for something to eat. Although he managed to kick the dog like a ball, something happens to him, of which I consider it a lesson so as not to ever repeat it again.

I couldn’t help laughing till my ribs ached when he lifted his leg to give the dog another kick but he fell in the action and hit the floor badly.

What made me happy is that after falling on his hip, he never was able to wake up because his whole body was paining a lot. I can’t feel sorry for such a person yet he is the one who started to kick the dog with no good reason.

When the clip was uploaded on the social media, it never took a lot of time to gain popularity, as it attained more than 225,000 views, in just a couple of days.

One of the many comments that was left by a viewer said that the clip would have been complete if they had put a description saying Scooby doo sliding noises. Another viewer left a comment saying that he wished that this person had some keys in his back pocket.

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