Horse Finds A Solution To Evade From Being Ridden By The Owner. What An Effective Solution!

If you think that it is only human beings that become lazy of doing something, then the following clip will prove you wrong.

The clip is of a horse that is from South Korea, which demonstrates that animals too become lazy when it comes to performing some tasks whenever they feel like that are not in the moods. For instance the horse in question had no moods of taking a walk with his owner on his back, so he decided to opt for a plan that will make his owner stop bothering him.

He decided to pretend that he was dead whenever he was being approached so that he can be ridden! The funny thing is that he lays down in any place so that it would be impossible for the riders to mount him.

For any horse who is tired of being ridden at any time and with anyone, this is an inspiration to him. I am sure that what this horse thinks is that he was never and will never be a slave of anyone.

The clip is in the Korean language that we are unable to understand what the reporters are saying but from the way they are expressing themselves, it is without doubt that they are laughing at the method this horse chose to prevent disturbance when he is resting!

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