Immediately This Horse Was Born, His Story Went Viral. Don’t Miss to Watch!

Tiny animals are loved by many. To be precise, it is not only about animals, everything that is tiny is loved. If you have that ability of transforming anything which is normal sized into something tiny, many will go crazy about it. There must be something that makes small things look cute. We have a good example in the tiny horse we are about to meet below.

The horse is called Micro Dave or Little Dave. The height of Dave when he was born was just 14 inches, the same height as the smallest horse in the world, called Einstein. Though he has grown a bit, still he is exceptionally tiny. Dave’s height is now 18 inches, which is still smaller when compared with some huge dogs. A baby will comfortably ride on this horse.

If there was a way a baby could be taught to ride a horse and at the same time find something to support the baby to maintain the upright position, then you can imagine the whole thing. Please take your time and watch the cute horse below and let us know what you think about it.

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