It’s ‘Bath Day’ For Some Sloths, And It’s Something You Really Want To See. Cute!

Judy Avey-Arroyo is such a nice lady, and even when she founded the Aviarios Del Caribe back in 1992, she had no idea it would one day touch the hearts of many. Aviarios Del Caribe is a sloth sanctuary, in Costa Rica, that rescues and cares for sloths.

So every Wednesday, the sloths are bathed, and it’s one of the loveliest sights you can ever hope to see. If you thought sloths look cute, you might want to pronounce them cuter on a Wednesday.

In this video, you get a special glimpse on one of those lovely days when these cute mammals get clean. As the caregivers explain, the small animals have to be bathed in order to keep the parasites away and also to get them looking all clean and cute. After the bath, each of the baby sloths is given a nice hibiscus flower.

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