It’s The First Time Two Horses Are Seeing A Pool Of Water, Will You Have Expected This?!

It is common to see children screaming and crying the first time they step into a pool because of sheer terror. You can agree with me that it can be an uncomfortable experience for those who do not know how to float or swim in water. But it is a completely different story when horses are involved.

The clip below was prepared by a horse training facility known as XL Ranch Horse Training, which is located in Alberta, Canada. In the clip, it was the first time they were introducing two young horses to water. When it starts, the two horses look nervous, but things change with time when they discovered who to enjoy it.

It was a calm day when the Canadian trainers decided to introduce the horses to water.


They showed some uncertainty the first time they stepped into the water.


This is what followed after the trainer slowly guided them into the water.

Finally, they ended up having a real blast and stopped being cautious. They were not in a hurry to leave at the end.

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