Little Squirrel Adopted By Mom Cat, Breast Feeds Like A Kitten. This Is Unbelievable!

Pets are some interesting creatures that we have in our houses and we don’t know. When we show them the love and care, it’s that they seem to comprehend the situation and in turn they give it back in many ways. This is the reason why we find that pets attached more to the little children in the family.

In the following clip, we see a cat breast feeding a baby squirrel. Jim Watkins and his wife Karen Watkins, rescued the baby squirrel when they found it fallen from a tree. They took it home where they introduced it to the cat who had kittens. Surprisingly enough, the cat accepted the baby squirrel as if it was her own kitten and would allow it to breast feed with the kittens. When other were surprised of the cat adopting the baby squirrel, others were shocked to see how this baby adapted so well in environment full of kittens, to a point that even when it suckling, it does the same like the little kittens.

The probability is that this lovely squirrel would have to be a pet, since all its behavior resembles the ones of a cat. Watch the clip below and comment in the section below for us to know. Please SHARE this interesting story to all your friends on Facebook!

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