Lively Bengal Kitties Try Out Their Sliding Skills At The Park, I Can’t Believe It!

If you have previously watched videos that feature cats playing, then you know what real fun means. Imagine them leaping long distances and combining that with their hunting instincts as they run around. It gets better if you get the chance of watching the big cats such as tigers and lions – below you are about to see what happens when the Bengals are involved.

It is about younger Bengal kittens who are enjoying themselves with the use of a slide playset.  They truly love sliding and you have to watch how happy they are when they climb the ladder and then coming sliding down the slide. The mommy is always enjoying their play and seems to be encouraging them to keep on with their play.

From what we have seen so far, all cats have the same blood and behave in the same manner irrespective of whether they are wild or domestic. The moment you watch them slide, they will remind you of what the kids do while at the park.

The short clip is the best thing you will ever watch even though their real voices were not recorded in the clip.

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