Lucky Lamb Survives Birth, But Leaves Everyone In Shock

One fortunate lamb, Soda Pop, was born with some disability as she cannot walk by herself, but she left everyone in shock when she managed to endure her birth. Soda who was taken to the sanctuary after her birth so that she could grow managed to gain some knowledge to stand on her four legs. The help was being offered by Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.

At the sanctuary, Soda received physical treatment that took a long time and was a very complicated procedure. For the lamb to learn how to walk in a safe place and manner, she was first put in a bag that had holes. People at the sanctuary worked very hard so as to help put Soda’s leg strength to a position where she could stand all alone.

As the training ends, you can see in the video that Soda is now able to stand on her own and can as well move or take some steps. Well, from the story, it is important for you to learn that it is not worth it to give up on others or yourself. There is nothing hard that cannot be solved if you keep on holding to it or working on it.

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