Man Catches A Thieving Chipmunk Red-handed. Its Reaction? This Is So Funny!

Birds are beautiful creatures. I love looking at them and sometimes even snapping a few photos in the process. If you live in a neighborhood with many of them, you can put a bird feeder somewhere within your home and attract them. They love it when humans feed them. But sometimes the bird feeder gets an unlikely guest.

In this clip, you see a guy watching the bird feeder. At one point, a chipmunk shows up and decides to help itself to the tasty contents of the bird feeder, so the little animal goes on to fill its hungry mouth with lots of food. And then the guy notices and walks over to check!

Knowing that it’s been caught red-handed in the middle of a “heist,” the small chipmunk gets panicked. He freezes with fear for a moment before he comes up with a perfect escape plan. He gets out all the food from the mouth – probably to shed off the extra weight– and proceeds to exit the crime scene in the most hilarious fashion. You’ll going to love this!

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