Meet An Enormous Dog, But It’s What A Tiny Dog Does That Catches The Eye!

I used to think that huge dogs never get afraid until I had watched this following clip! I laughed my ribs out.

It is logical that when you have a huge dog as a pet, other people assume that it is so mean and aggressive with lots of energy in it. The truth is that fierce dogs are not generally the big ones. There is nothing strange or funny when a little kid, or a weak adult guy gets frightened of an enormous dog. But when it is a big dog getting afraid of a little baby, now that’s something funny to laugh at. In the following clip, it features a huge dog by the name of Duke.

This enormous canine is usually a friend to everyone, but he got completely perplexed when he encountered for the first time in his life a little dog. He just didn’t know how to start with this Chihuahua who basically weighed three pounds. His reaction is the one that is so funny. It’s true that never judge a book by its cover.

Watch the below clip to know what happened with the two dogs after they met. Please SHARE this lovely story to all dog lovers out there!

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