Meet These Dogs That Have Given It All To Protect Our Great Nation’s Border

Apart from being our best friends, dogs are protective too. This is why the beagles are the best dogs when it comes to stepping up the security measures at crowded places like the airports.

In most International airports all over the world, is common to find these dogs. They are commonly referred to as “Beagle Brigade.” Their function is to make sure that the borders of a country are well protected from foreign contamination that is entering the country. For instance, it is easy for the insects and diseases to be found on food being brought from other countries. This happens when a person comes into the country from a visit with such food as a relic.

So by sniffing the traveler’s bags with their well-developed sense of smell, the beagles make sure that this does not happen. Compared to the human sense of smell, the beagles are found to be 100,000 times superior. This enables them to detect any plant or food that is hidden in the bags of travelers. Actually the beagles were selected for this job by the United States Department of Agriculture, because they easily learn the necessary tricks needed for the job. Amazingly, these dogs never regard it as a job but as a game of hide and seek!

In the clip below, we can witness as Officer Rusty Adams, demonstrates how these dogs together with the officers manage to deliver a quality service to the nation. Watch the video below and let us know what your thoughts are by commenting below!

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