Meet Two Pot-Bellied Pigs Whose Unbelievable Acts Are Touching The Lives Of Many!

Mini horses or dogs are what come into the mind of most people when therapy pets are brought into the picture. But around Denver’s nursing homes and hospitals, two pigs are giving the residents something to smile about.

Boris and Pumba are two potbellied pigs who are one year old. The two visit seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s in Highline Place within Littleton. Once you watch this clip, you will easily notice why these special guests are loved by many.

While reporting to USA Today, Elle Fore who is Vibrant Living’s director within Highline Place said that though children and animals such as dogs are loved, the pigs do something magical that many were not aware of. It’s simply one of the cute surprises which we must learn to appreciate whenever they show up.

When the pigs were first spotted by the residents, they surprised many. But with time, many of the elderly patients learnt to warm up whenever they showed up. Every time they show up, they give those they interact with a completely new experience.

The two were rescued when they were destined for slaughter. Visiting families and the staff on a weekly basis is now the biggest priority of the two farm animals and they love it when the residents appreciate their visits.

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