Most Pets Do Not Love Water, But Not For This Macaw. Just Watch And See!

If you keep pets, then you might have noticed that pets don’t like taking baths. In fact, cats hate water the most, of them all; the deadly look they put on their faces after a shower, is enough to horrify you. The case is not different with dogs; they might not hate water as much as their cat friends, but one thing is clear, they too, don’t look forward to having baths.

However, when it comes to taking showers, birds love this very much. You may also realize that many people usually put bird baths on their laws so that wild birds can shower.

In the video below, two macaws love taking a bath. While Tiko, the yellow and blue one, was having a good time in the shower, his brother Tonka, couldn’t wait for his turn. He instead walks into the shower standing and takes a bath on the floor. He tries to persuade Tiko to leave the perch for him, but Tiko instead doesn’t hurry. You can watch the entire moment in the clip below.

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