Nothing Can Separate This Kitten And The 8 Months Old Kid. I Just Can’t Believe It!

She may be eight months old, but she is more than that; she knows the importance of having a pet at home. Eevee, as the kitten is called, is always there to keep the girl company during sleeping time.

While commenting on YouTube, the mother of the girl said that the two sleep and wake up together.  In the video which has the title “Cutest Video Ever,” the baby is seen waking up and massaging the little kitten. Isn’t it amazing to watch this moment?

But her mum had something in mind; she recorded the video and the moments that unfolded. She wanted her family and friends to see but instead the video is going viral. The moments shared in the video are enough to make you see the need of having a pet your home. It is also exciting to see that the little girl, as young as she is, has a good relationship with the cat.

Research shows that it is good to let children mingle with pets. It helps in creating confidence and helps them to learn more from the pets.  It is as well believed that children who grow up with pets are free of allergies.

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