Owner Fills Bed With Treats Guessing His Dog Will Eat Them, But… I Can’t Believe It!

If there is a dog that should be considered to be the coolest canine friend around, is this Boston terrier by the name of Oscar. When he was given plenty of Milk Bone to enjoy, he never even tasted even a single one like it was expected.

The owner thought that Oscar would munch all the dessert, but to her surprise, he only stayed in a bed full of treats without even moving.

First, the owner uploaded the photo, of which many said that it was no real. To prove them wrong, he had to upload the video from the camera. She wrote on YouTube that she had posted the photo for a photoshoot but viewers never believed it to be real, so she posted the clip.

The clip was posted on YouTube in 2012, but thanks to the social media, they again reposted it for everyone to see. The aim of the photoshoot was to make people aware of the pet adoption. From the Facebook page of Oscar, his plan was to end the puppy mills and make many adopt neglected animals!

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