People Shared A Video 10k Times And This Is What Happened. Awesome!

If you haven’t heard of Freshpet, now would be a good time to acknowledge the good stuff these guys have been doing. Freshpet took the initiative to organize a holiday for 30 homeless animals, and it was a holiday like no other!

It all started when Freshpet pledged to provide a meal for every share of the status on social media. They promised that, if people could share as much as possible, these homeless animals could get as much as 10k meals. In fact, with every share, you would be “buying” a meal for a shelter animal. People power took over, and now things are even much better than expected!

The shares ended up topping 30k in total, and Freshpet has now decided to do something even better. They decided to triple the meals from 10k to 30k to match the number. That’s awesome!

In the video, you see the animals getting treated to this nice holiday that they so needed. The nice, sweet meals and the love shared here will melt your heart.

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