“Please Be My Friend,” Undecided Cat Is Approached By The “Needy” Raccoon. Watch!

When it comes to making friends, animals can also behave like human beings. The other person is ready while the other one needs to have more time to think. The video you are about to watch will crack you up.

The funny raccoon and the kitten in the video are going to meet each other at last. The raccoon is open about his intentions and would want to be friends as soon as possible. But the kitten is not sure about it yet.

Just as you could feel when meeting a new person, so is the cat. The kitten does not know what to make of this strange animal he has met and needs to have a second thought. The raccoon just adores the fur of the cat and wants to be buddies immediately.

This video is fascinating. The kitten gives a funny response.  I’m warning you. Before you can start watching this amazing video, please grab your handkerchief. I’m sure, just like I cannot stop laughing so will you do.

It is unimaginable that this raccoon wants the kitten. You have watch this hilarious video and remember to SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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