Police Dog Receives A Farewell March From The Police Force Before Dying. So Touching!

Dogs are one of the intelligent animals we have as pets. It is due to their sharp sense of smell and their excellent taste which makes the military choose them to be their comrades. Apart from these qualities, they are also good at differentiating the good from the bad.

These creatures are the most loyal animals ever and helpful when you are needy, as the social media portrays them. The only thing they were not blessed with is to live for long like we human beings.

In the clip below, we meet a dog by the name of Zeus of the German shepherd breed. He was a diligent and loyal member of the K9 force at Ridgefield Police Department. When he was an active member at the police force, he surely helped many to change their lives for the better.

It came a time when old age came Zeus’ way. The Ridgefield Police Department saw it wise to give him a proper goodbye as he was not going to live for long.

The police force gave him the marching farewell while they were taking him to Ridgefield veterinary hospital, where he would stay there till he dies.

Watch the video below to see the final farewell Zeus got from his human comrades. Please SHARE this clip to all your friends on Facebook!

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