Pony Was About To Die Of An Injury, When The Rescue Came.… What A Change!

In most of the clips we have seen, the wild horses appear to be healthy and strong creatures who are well known of their running in the vast lands. However, the clip below is totally different. Wild horses too, are one of the many animals that people do capture for other purposes. And that’s what exactly happened to the horse in the following clip.

While Chloe Atkins was taking a ride in west Yorkshire, she spotted a pony by the name of Buggy, who was together with some other three horses. Buggy had his back facing the road and Atkins was able to notice that she had his back injured and needed urgent medical attention. Quickly, she got in touch with the World Horse Welfare, so that they would come to his rescue. An officer by the name of Sarah Tucker went to find Buggy, and when she saw her, she too agreed that the horse needed urgent medical attention. His back had maggots and it was proving hard for him to stand up on his feet.

Sarah took the pony to the rescue center where he is currently undergoing treatment. Watch the clip below to see the pony meeting Chloe while still recovering at the shelter. Please SHARE this video to all the animal lovers on Facebook!

Warning: The video has some graphic images!

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