Pup Meets Kitty, And It’s So Heartwarming! Watch This!

Some people hold certain opinions about cats and dogs. They think the two creatures have a bumpy relationship of hate and love. This video will show you more.

This video is about a cute pup who just found out that he’s going to have a big cat as a brother, and he’s really excited at this cool idea of having a new and strong playmate. Of course the pup would love to give a warm hug to the kitty, so he goes ahead to climb on the cat’s back to give a hug and a massage. Looking at the cat, he doesn’t care what the pup is doing, and I have a hard time trying to get into his mind!

Finally, the small dog grows tired of his gymnastics on the felines back and climbs out. The cat then walks away, like how you’d walk out of a prison with that “I-am-free” look all over you.

This video will touch a part of you. Just see how the big feline gives the small pup all the chance to amuse himself on his back. This kitty is so patient, even when the little puppy’s “disturbance” gets a little too much.

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