Puppy Goes To Pray In The Temple And Gets Saved. Unbelievable!

Just asking: have you ever found yourself in a most undesirable situation and the only thing left was to pray for a miracle? I tend to believe that most people have gone through that, but you never really thought so about animals, did you?

Well, it’s real, and you see it here tonight. The dog shown in this clip is a beneficiary of this kind of turn of events. Now you’re interested!

You see, this good canine here was just living his life, and then he got injured. He had no one to go to or anywhere else to rest his injuries at the time. The only option left was to go to the Temple, and that’s what the dog did!

So he got himself into a corner at the Temple, and went into a praying position. It’s not far-fetched – you can see him in this video when the guys from Animal Aid Unlimited finally showed up to rescue. In essence, his prayers got answered!

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