She Has Enough Company And Wants To Be Alone. What Happens Next Is So Funny!

As we know, mother-child bonds are very strong and hard to find something to compare them with. It has been scientifically proven that a mother will always want to be near her kids and vice versa. But also there comes a moment when the parents need to be alone. This is the moment that mothers see their young ones as a burden, for they seem not to understand that she really needs time alone to reflect or for resting purposes. A closer observation indicates that this sole needed moment of peace and silence rarely occurs and the time span that exists from one moment to the other is way too big, making one to forget what it feels like being alone.

In the video below, we see a cat with 8 of her young ones in a room. This mother cat seems to be really in need of being alone for some time, a condition that none of her kittens seems to recognize. She looks for a perfect place to leap and leave the kittens behind, but it’s hard to locate one. At last she does a miscalculation which makes her fall down, making all her babies to run for safety. What a funny moment when they scatter for safety!  Watch the whole video below and find out what happened next! Please SHARE this video with all your buddies on Facebook!


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