She Hates Taking Baths, But She Thinks It’s Okay If She Can Have A Friend With Her. Awesome!

If you have a kid, you know how much in pain you can be when they decide to dodge the bathroom. However, you always find a way to “motivate” them to take a bath, although you might have to change the tactics now and then to keep them in the loop. You might want to purchase some plastic boats or even ducks to have the kid playing with them as you scrub away their dirt.

In this video, you have a cute little monkey that thinks bathing isn’t such a noble thing after all, so she tries to avoid it, most especially when the owner introduces some shampoo into the mix. But this owner is the smart type, so the little monkey soon finds a reason to accept the bathing invitation.

Apparently, holding the blue thing seems to give the monkey a friend to be with her all through this cleaning “ordeal.” It’s such a sweet sight; so cool that I had to constantly keep my eye on the little one.

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