She Spotted A Bird Doing This With Her Dog, Hilarious!

I understand that a relationship comes in all sizes and shapes. We have come across unusual friendship videos online, so there is most likely no one that does not believe in it. But it is not easy to think that dogs and birds can be buddies and have fun together. This is to say that dogs are huge and energized all the time as opposed to birds; they are tiny and fragile. However, we will get to see this cute relationship between a bird and a dog which will certainly touch you.

Meet Sheltie, the dog and his parakeet buddy in the video below. The two are extraordinary and different from each other, but they form a relationship in seconds. They are not scared of one another, and this puppy is more cautious not to harm this bird. It appears like a lifelong bond that is coming up.

I don’t know what I would call this if not a permanent relation. The two look sweet together than anyone could imagine.

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